About Us

Characteristic Spirit

In Coláiste Pobail Acla we strive for excellence in our teaching and learning. We endeavour to foster the holistic development of our school community by providing an inclusive, spiritual and caring environment.

This characteristic spirit is further reflected in the aims of the Coláiste:

School Community

  • To create a school community where all members are respected and have a sense of belonging and self-worth.
  • To provide a safe and caring environment for the entire school community.
  • To promote Christian values such as respect, integrity and honesty.
  • To develop and provide adequate supports for those students with special educational, emotional or physical needs.
  • To encourage and promote involvement in physical activity and in other extra-curricular activities.
  • To promote a sense of environmental awareness within our school community.

 Teaching and Learning

  •  To promote academic excellence and to have high expectations of our students
  • To equip our students with the requisite skills for success in the world of work or in further education.
  • To provide as broad and as balanced a curriculum as possible.
  • To encourage and facilitate staff to engage in continuous professional development.

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